Thing 1: Blogging

On Sunday I fell down the rabbit hole…and couldn’t  get out! My first adventure with Cool Tools for Schools has taken me through a wonderland of online resources but my two-hour time-frame stretched into an all day odyssey. I dutifully followed the breadcrumbs of blogging links but too often I found myself straying from the path as I revisited some old favorites like Joyce Valenza’s NeverEnding Search and Richard Byrne’s Free Technology for Teachers.
Of course there were so many new discoveries too and (a bit of self-discovery as well) so the journey was well-worth the time. Here are a few things I want to remember as  I think about using blogging as tool for students and for my library:

  • No blah-blah-blah blogging:   write succinctly and with purpose
  • Blogs are terrific for tutorials:  Teach Thru Tech
  • Blogging is great for collaborative projects
  • Library Blogs can be effective publicity and marketing tools
  • Branding effectively connects all tools (Facebook, web page, blog, etc):  The Daily Dragon
  • Favorite for student and class blogging:  Weebly and KidBlog
  • Get teens to lead  a tutorial session on  Tumblr




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2 responses to “Thing 1: Blogging

  1. Great tips you’ve posted – thanks for sharing those. Rabbit hole definitely describes it doesn’t it. So often I go off on wonderful tangents, but totally forget where and why I started. (You’ve been pinned!

  2. p.s. trying to remember where I made that avatar??? face your manga?

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