Thing 4: RSS

WHEW!  So, once again I got swept away by all of the great resources and found myself getting way off track.  Do I have an attention problem?  Hmmm….  I can certainly empathize with my students.  It is so easy to click, click, click the day away.  The Cool Tools for School Netvibe provides RSS Feeds for the group and was a perfect jumping off point for the day.  It allowed me to discover what a diverse, creative group this is and also offered some great ideas.  Thank you for sharing!

I was intrigued by the thought of using Netvibes as a library web page  (AISB Elementary School Library).  I am always on the look out for new ideas for effective pages.  I recently began revamping the RCS Library site and find that I continue to struggle with the balance of graphics, text, and links. Effective, visually appealing, easy to use (and to maintain)…I want it all!

After exploring Feedly and Netvibes, and reading Joyce Valenza’s Dealing with dashboard decisions,  I decided to sign up for an account with SymbalooEdu.  I can see using it both as a resource for students (it would be easy to create a different webmix of resources for classes/topics) as well as tool for them to use to create a PLE.  I was inspired by this video created by a 7th grade science student: I’ve started a general webmix to get a feel for how to create one but it is really just  a trial page  and lacks direction.  I think I need to stew a bit…pick a specific project and create a webmix with focus and purpose.  A task for another day.  The Sand Man calls…


First thing this morning I added an RSS Feed from CNN to the RCS Library page.  I already have a few on our OPAC site but that is not the first stop for patrons so it makes sense here.    It is just that the home page is prime real estate and I want to be thoughtful about what is found there.  More to think about….



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2 responses to “Thing 4: RSS

  1. Thanks for the reminder about that great 7th grade science video about symbaloo. I use that in other workshops and totally forgot about it! Nice work on this lesson.

  2. Grace

    I have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed by the AISB Elementary School Library site. It felt like there was a bit too much to navigate through. I also checked out the updates to your website. I have often looked to your site for ideas because you are so good at keeping it fresh and dynamic…but I hadn’t seen your newest updates. Very nice! I am also interested in exploring Symbaloo further, and I was totally amazed by the 7th grade video.

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