Thing 8: Collaborating, Connecting, Sharing

I jumped into Thing 8 with a very specific goal in mind: I would find one tool that could be used to create a collaborative work space for the librarians planning next year’s regional Battle of the Book competition.  After reading through the amazing resources Polly has gathered (she out does herself each time), I explored a few and then decided to try, described as a “collaborative whiteboard to share notes, sketches, documents, images and more.”  I signed up for use  (free), watched a one minute how-to video, and began creating.  It is incredibly easy to use and the whiteboard features sticky note style text boxes and  shapes and layouts that can be employed to help organize your content.  You can quickly search and import images or upload your own.  I love that you can also import content from your Google Drive or Evernote cloud service.  I’ve created a whiteboard and have added hyperlinked images of the books (high school)  we will feature next year.  I embedded our shared list of titles (from Google Drive) and  can now invite the other librarians to view the whiteboard.  They will be able to add to and comment on the board.   I am keeping my fingers crossed that the board will help to keep us organized.  I am too tired to add the Middle School titles now so will finish that tomorrow.  I would like to then embed the Mural on my school web site.

I’m back.  I spent the afternoon completing my Battle of the Books Mural and then invited the librarians I am working with to collaborate on it.   It is now also embedded in my webpage:

I enjoyed working with and will definitely use it for classroom projects.  Fun!




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