Thing 2: Photo Fun

I jumped into Photo Fun by exploring the resources and tools that Polly posted.  I do have a problem though, they are all too much fun and it is so easy to spend hours on any one of them!  Here are a few favorites:

I love, love, love Dear Photograph and immediately lost myself in the site’s funny, poignant, and fascinating stories–each told in a photo and brief caption.  The site encourages you to “take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.”  Personally, I think it would be great to get my siblings involved in a little family history project using old photos as an  80th birthday gift for my mom (my brother currently lives in the house she grew up in so there is certainly lots of opportunity).  I can also think of a few school projects inspired by the site:

  • 2nd grade (During our Caldecott unit):  Using Flotsam by Caldecott Medal-winning author/illustrator David Wiesner (which depicts fantastical worlds  viewed in photos-within-photos), have students explore telling a simple story with the same photo-within-a-photo technique.
  • 4th grade (Local History unit): Using historical pictures of the school and community, compile a digital “then and now” photo album.
  • 12th grade  (Yearbook):  A Dear Photograph style collage of graduating seniors and the school compiled for the yearbook.

If you haven’t checked out the NY times article on creating a “book face” get to it!  It would be a great reading buddy project for our students. During our annual reading celebration,  middle and high school students partnered with their elementary reading buddies could create book face photos together. A Bad Case of Stripes anyone?

I work with an ELA teacher on Battle of the Books and I can’t wait to share all the great tools that BigHugeLabs  has to offer.  I signed up and was immediately able to play!  I used the Hockneyizer to create this collage from a single photo that I had recently snapped at the St.  James Cemetary in Arlington, Vermont.


BigHugeLabs  will be perfect for 0ur 7th graders whose projects already include creating movie posters and Magazine Covers.  Perhaps we could add character Trading Cards…they could download a photo, add personality traits (but not the name)  and have others try to identify who is depicted.

PhotoFunia is  a free photo editor that is super easy to use and would be great for any age.  The site proclaims “Your Photos Could Get Awesome! Tons of Effects, Fonts, Overlays.”  It does not disappoint.  Students can upload their photos to create countless posters, billboards, cards, typewriter messages, and more.  In a matter of seconds I created this message that I can wait to use!

Welcome back Books

I confess that I am guilty of Book spine poetry envy. I first saw the idea at workshop presented by  Kathleen Odean several years ago and I have been meaning to have a book spine poetry event ever since.  OK, this is it!  I am committing to it this year–it could be done as a welcome back activity, a celebration during National Poetry month in April, and definitely as part of our Battle of the Books competition…  In the meantime, here are two examples I put together from around the house:

Book Spine poetry 001 Scary poem








What a great day of photo fun!


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