Thing 6: Curation Tools

Yes, I already have a Pinterest account and sure I have explored other people’s boards but I have avoided pinning and creating my own like a chocoholic avoiding a fabulously decadent brownie overload sundae.   I was afraid I would become addicted..or is that pindicted?  Last night I decided to throw caution to the wind and jump in to the world of digital curation. I had been thinking about creating new welcome back library centers  (one of my goals this year is to expand and improve upon the library centers that I currently use).  Why not create a Pinterest board to support that goal?

Although tempted to start searching and pinning, I decided to exercise some restraint and so this morning I did some background reading on curation.  While all the posted articles were helpful in defining the topic, providing tools for curation, resources for further reading,  and motivation for getting started (especially the Valenza article quoted below), I found myself returning to Content Curation Done Right an infographic created by Heather Lister.  I like the simple, elegant way she has depicted the topic and found myself checking off the who, what, and why of my own curation goal.  Let the pinning begin!

I own Cari Young’s book  The Centered School Library Engaging Every Learner with Library Skills Centers so I began with her web site.  I then checked out Laurie Alden’s board on centers  (and tried not to get too distracted with all of her other terrific boards) and I was off and running.   Here I pin, there I pin, everywhere I pin, pin!  I spent hours searching, getting sidetracked  (I now also have a secret board of pumpkin cinnamon roll recipes), and getting excited about learning center activities.  Here is the result:  Library Learning Centers

While today’s work was done to support my goal to find, filter, organize and share resources on library learning centers, I am inspired by  Joyce Valenza who in a 2012 curation article for School Library Monthy, offered the following thought-provoking advice for librarians:

If we want our school communities to view us as information and communication authorities and information professionals, if we want our communities to understand the full scope of their information worlds, if we want our young people to grow up being able to curate their own information lives, curation is not optional.

I now feel compelled to help students curate.


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