Thing 19: Social Reading

How did I miss the wonderful DayByDayNY DaybyDay NYFamily Literacy Calendar?   I love this resource so much that I have added it to the homepage as well as under the “Celebrate Books” tab of my library website.  Created by the New York State Library, and patterned after the South Carolina model, the site has an array of  engaging activities, book lists,  games, songs and videos that promote kindergarten readiness skills, literacy and health and wellness. Each day new songs and activities are featured and children can have two new books read aloud to them from One More Story and Tumblebooks.   While the site was created for families of preschool children, it is a terrific resource for teachers and librarians who work with primary school students as well.  In addition to featuring it on my site, I will be printing out the Early Literacy Bookmarks available on the site to promote it to families (and teachers) in my school community.

I joined Goodreads to explore the possibility of creating a discussion group for our Battle of the Books program.   I created a group for the HS BOB students and then went about populating a bookshelf with the 16 titles they would be reading this year.   I must admit feeling a lot of frustration today as the whole process took much longer (by hours, not minutes) than I anticipated. Although the instructions on Goodreads indicate that it should work, I was not successful in importing a csv file or an existing list from my Amazon wish list.  Grrr.  Obviously, I was doing something wrong but it would have been much faster to just type the individual titles in than to struggle with the importing shortcuts.

Not willing to move on without something to show for my work, I decided to put a widget of the titles on the library web page.  Google Sites and Goodreads don’t seem to play nice together.  I finally have the widget embedded but need to learn how to adjust the html code so that the titles appear in a row rather than in a column one-book’s width.  I don’t like the way it looks so I won’t be keeping it on the site for long.  This is what the BOB page looks like for the moment.

Goodreads may be a great resource but at the moment I am too grumpy to enjoy its benefits.

9/6 Update:  I am changing the BOB page and removing the goodreads widget so here is a snip of the widget before the change:




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2 responses to “Thing 19: Social Reading

  1. I love the DayByDay site too. When I heard about the version from VA (also based on the SC one), I mentioned it to lots of of folks in NYS. And quickly found that the NYSL was keen to do the same. And hired me to do it! (Well, my brilliant web guy and me…..) We’re still tweaking it! Sorry about the lousy “goodreads” experience.

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